The Monday after Norwescon 34, and I’m still tired. Our concert on Friday went okay, we had an audience-lol, and I got to see some people I haven’t seen since last norwescon.

I tried to track down  all weekend, and had given up sitting down and having that conversation with her on sunday afternoon, when I saw her behind the espresso stand. I got the awesome conversation I wanted, but the powers-that-be enjoy amusing themselves by playing with my life entirely too much in my opinion.

The writer’s workshop happened, once again I had someone who didn’t get it/not their cup of tea, (sigh), who tore into my story with a vengeance. The reviewer had complained before we started that he/she was stuck in this hot room for several hours and was miserable. I’m sure that contributed to the level of negativity regarding my work. While I can understand he/she is just as human as I am, I found that it hurt a little more than I expected. I cried myself to sleep last night because I won’t ever be good enough to get a book on the shelf if I can’t write a story with a climax. Yes, me. I may not take feedback/corrections personally, but I do have feelings that hurt a little when someone flat tells me my plot is pointless with no climax quite that forcefully. Negative opinions on your work hurt , no matter how much you think they won’t.

This must be why agent/editor/published writer’s blogs say not to read negative reviews.

I must move on. I will keep moving. My cheerleader hunnybun held me until I stopped crying, telling me I can write and talking me away from the abyss. Gawd, I love that man. I don’t deserve him; he’s so wonderful.

Anyway, back to the convention wrap up.

I got my copy of "Dark and Stormy Knights" signed by Jim and Shannon Butcher. I asked Mr. Butcher if I could give him something for his sister @jimsissy on twitter. He said sure. I gave him a big hug and said, "Thank you Julie for all the writing stuff you do on twitter." He was flummoxed. On twitter, @jimsissy laughed and thanked me, then said no one had ever done that before. 😀 I made a good impression, Julie won’t forget me now. heehee My ‘ebil’ plot worked.


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