Guess who is getting a kindle for her birthday!

Me. đŸ˜€

My parents and grandparents got together and told me to order one from amazon. SQUEE! It won’t get here until after my official birthday, but that’s okay. I know it is coming and soon I’ll be able to get textbooks for my classes at less than jaw-dropping prices (the reason I gave my family) AND I can now feed my reading addiction at a higher level.

Ahem,  I am also happy to report that I did start on my story today. Two days early, I know, but I need all the help I can get to get this done by next January. heehee


2139 / 100000 words. 2% done!


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Nuts and Bolts decissions

No progress on wordcount for my storyline. I need to figure out which POV to use. The options are character one’s 1st person POV, character two’s 1st person POV, switching between the two of them, or throwing up hands and using 3rd person. I prefer 1st person, to read and write, because I enjoy getting into a character’s head. Hunnybun and I are discussing it, but no decision yet. I’ll let you all know when/if I decide. I just hope that I don’t start writing in this one, then find out I really need the other one. Sigh.

Well, since no progress as of yet, enjoy this book icanhascheezburger pic.

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Betas needed

Hi guys! As you might recall, I finished my storyline for my next project to start at the end of this month. Now, Hunnybun has read this, but he helped me brainstorm ideas for the plot. So, I would feel better if I could have somebody not involved in the creation to read it and tell me if it makes sense.
Now, it’s around 7,000 words 12 pages single spaced. I’d appreciate it very much and would be willing to read/crit something of yours in return if asked. Long stuff will take a while though, because between college and my own writing I don’t have the time to do it until the quarter ends, sorry.
So I can safely say I can get anything up to about 10,000 words done in less than a week: short story, plot outline, or a couple of chapters. that sort of thing.
So, if you have the time to read a book plot condensed into short story length, please please say so? I will be in your debt.
Thank you.

still plotting your demise….

My protags anyway. My storyline is now over 9 pages. I started with yanking her job, apartment, and boyfriend. Put her through a big scary lightening storm. She finds out she’s part of a persecuted class of people in her world, and settles into working at the business of a friendly member of this class, hiding in plain sight, only to have him get murdered and the business burned by fanatics.  The resistance contacts her, turns out her boss worked for the resistance and they let her join if she’ll run the business for them. They help her track down the bad guys that murdered her boss and torched the building. She prevents the bad guys from torching another house by calling in the police. Only to have the police take her in as a person of interest because her cellphone code was detected by cell towers inside the preserve they force members of the persecuted class live.

Now, what evil thing can I do to her next? (evil grin) All suggestions considered…..


Still working on the story line. I watched videos about spies during the cold war last night. It gave me ideas. đŸ˜€

For now, have another funny. Or maybe not so funny, since I have had to bribe my cat-muse with tuna to get my daily words on occasion.

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Yup, still working on the story line, so have a funny instead!

The next story is still in progress. I have her name, June, and her familiar’s name Peaches-don’t judge. The storyline is up around 2 single pages now. If Mark’s storyline was 4 pages and ended up 65,000 words, I need at least 8 pages to get to YA/Adult length of 80,000 to 100,00 words. I want to start this sucker on my birthday so still working…

Since nothing to report of yet, have a funny!

Saw this on Sunday and laughed, and laughed. Her Grandma and Mom are two smart cookies!

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