still plotting your demise….

My protags anyway. My storyline is now over 9 pages. I started with yanking her job, apartment, and boyfriend. Put her through a big scary lightening storm. She finds out she’s part of a persecuted class of people in her world, and settles into working at the business of a friendly member of this class, hiding in plain sight, only to have him get murdered and the business burned by fanatics.  The resistance contacts her, turns out her boss worked for the resistance and they let her join if she’ll run the business for them. They help her track down the bad guys that murdered her boss and torched the building. She prevents the bad guys from torching another house by calling in the police. Only to have the police take her in as a person of interest because her cellphone code was detected by cell towers inside the preserve they force members of the persecuted class live.

Now, what evil thing can I do to her next? (evil grin) All suggestions considered…..


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