Still Alive…And Wrote Some Even

Hi guys, I tried to post yesterday but had computer issues. Firefox had become so unstable that it wouldn’t bring up livejoural at all. It kept telling me the server not found. Geez! Well, I tried a few things, but ended up uninstalling and re-installing Firefox 4 this morning and it seems to be working so far *crosses-fingers*.

I did write yesterday, added around 600 words to my new story. Now at 3,006 words. Whoo Hoo! The title is temporarily called "Dark and Stormy Night" and yes, I will find a better title eventually.    I hope.


This is from the protag, June’s introduction. Her life has just crumbled around her. She is driving to visit a friend in California who told her the place she works at is hiring. Standard disclaimers apply: This is a rough draft, little or no editing has been done. Your patience with grammar and spelling errors is appreciated thank you. 






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She leaned forward over the steering wheel, eyes squinted. The headlights of the old converted 2010 Taurus struggled to chase enough of the night away for her to see the fog line. On each hill, June cursed her cheap-ass gas to electric conversion job; so poorly done the headlights dimmed going up the gentlest incline.

The storm was just the latest thing to go wrong in June’s life. Graduating college with a bachelors and a crushing student loan balance, she hustled to find a job. Job found, she relaxed into a budget that kept her fed and her creditors mollified, and then the company went through Chapter 13 and laid off half the workforce.  Less than six months of seniority meant June went in the first wave.

“It sucks to be me,” she grumbled under the popping dance tune at loud enough volume she could hear it over the thunder. “Yeah, and I call Jason the jerk the next day to cry on my so called boyfriend’s shoulder and another woman answers his cell phone and tells me Jason asked her to marry him so fuck-off honey and don’t call again.” June smacked the wheel in her hands. “Then the bastard comes on the line, tells me it’s true and hangs up on me!” The windshield wipers hesitate, then quit from the impact. June flicked the switch violently to get them to turn on again.

More writing is planned today. So I hope to add more words. Bug me on twitter @slweippert to make sure I do it. Okay?


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