Mildly Interesting

What I’ve been up to since we last met:

My mom’s birthday is rapidly approaching and I needed a great present for her. She likes urban fantasy, and I met the most awesome Kat Richardson, aka [info]katatomic , at norwescon. Since I follow her on facebook and knew she lived in Seattle somewhere, I messaged her and arranged to meet her a a location of her choice to buy one of her signed Greywalker novels. So we met at a Tully’s and she happened to have Cherie Priest, of Boneshaker fame, along. I haz good daughter points now. 😀

Ms. Priest had to leave, so I didn’t get to talk to her very long, but I hope I get the chance to talk to her again. Ms. Richardson said that Ms. Priest is very good at juggling multiple PoVs in a book and I have decided to change my WIP to alternating PoV between June and Peaches. I missed writing the familiar’s 1st person PoV.

I did find out that one of Ms. Priest’s books, Clememtine– set in the same world as Boneshaker, did a very good job of alternating between two PoVs, so I picked it up on kindle. I just started reading it, so all I can tell you so far is worldbuilding= Two Thumbs Up!

On the feedback/mentoring front, I got my story back from Dina James aka [info]dina_james . Dina (which I recently learned is pronounced Deena) sent me a book by James Scott Bell called Plot & Structure. I am working my way through the exercises and such there too. I better not shirk an assignment from an Evil Writer-Mentor, if I know what’s good for me. 😉

And don’t forget I’m taking a full 15 credits in college for the summer quarter too. FYI, I think stats is a science class masquerading as a math class. All we’ve done so far is the scientific method, sigh.

So busy, busy! Progress, but not a large word-count added.


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