Netbook troubles

Yes, my faithful netbook, that which I wrote my last two stories on crashed hard. The hard drive specifically was corrupted into non-viability (personally I blame   and her evil ways for the corruption. Evil does that y’know.) Hunnybun managed to save my files, so no work has been lost, but I found I missed having a computer with me to write wherever I may be. I actually hand wrote a short piece at school yesterday, egad! For the record, my hand writing sucks and did you know you can’t tuck words in between other words easily when you hand wrote it?

To get my internet fix, I  commandeered  the 16 yr-old’s computer but since we are sharing it, hunnybun makes me give him a turn, I don’t expect much writing will get done until my netbook gets a new hard drive. Which should be today, if Amazon is to be believed, since I spent the extra $ for overnight delivery. As soon as it gets here Hunnybun will switch the dead part for the new one, and I’ll be in business again.

I hope there’s no snags to this plan because I’m going through withdrawals here. 😉


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