FML = F**k My Life

What a lovely day……

It started with my mother asking me if I’d read some legal documents jerk-face had served at my home. I told her no, but would read them. She them proceeded to yell at me then hung up. My dad called next, ordered me to bring the documents over to my parents’ house immediately and hung up on me. I called back and told him that I wouldn’t be bringing them over, he proceeded to start yelling at me and I hung up on him.

Hunnybun and I went to the mall that afternoon for clothes shopping, he needed shirts, and stopped by the verizon store to upgrade his phone. The PYT (pretty-young-thing) that began waiting on him, told him she had an appointment and to wait for someone else to come over and help him. He waited; and waited; and waited. No one came over. When I showed up he told me and I said there were three people out front of the store standing there. Hunnybun went to one of them and they bushed him off back to the original girl who had another fluff-brained PYT. When this girl walked out of the back, I saw her clearly make a disgusted face when she saw my hunnybun standing there. Well, she barely did anything, all with a bad attitude so that we decided to give up. Hunnybun was so angry he turned around and demanded to see the manager. Some of you have met him, so you know just how bad this was for him to get that angry. The manager wasn’t any better and long story short, Hunnybun has called verizon directly to complain.

At the end of today, I got my kid back from his dad (he’s been with his dad since July 5th) tired, acting like he had not had his medicine and with ringworm in two places. My ex told me he had treated it with over the counter athlete’s foot medicine. I took Brandon to an after-hours clinic and got prescription topical that should clear it up in about a week. If it doesn’t, I’m to bring him back at two weeks from today. So jerk-ex could’ve brought him into a doctor himself, and *supposedly* cleared this up a long time ago. That’s assuming he had it on the 5th, which I doubt down to my toenails.

Forgot to mention, my kid had a meltdown over taking a shower tonight and screeched at me for over an hour.*

Right now, I am drinking adult beverages to stop the twitching.

*Please note my son has Oppositional Defiant Disorder before you post any discipline advice. Unless you have a child with the disorder (ADHD doesn’t count) or you have specialized training you can’t understand that common parenting methods only make the situation worse.


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