Writing “Joys” or Why the Hell Do I Do This Again? Oh Right, I Can’t Stop.

Time for another random update on my status and I am annoyed to report that my muse has done it to me again! by giving me what I thought was a full outline plot so I would start working without the worry and stress of coming up with what happens next, only to find over 40,000 words into it that I'm almost done and the muse is sitting there ready to give me the rest. I'd call her a bitch, but she's totally the wrong species. So now, I have to do the stressful "OMG I gotta come up with what happens next" thing, which I hate with a purple poka-dotted passion. I like working off an outline, I'm not anal about it, heck I made changes as I was writing it, but I knew where I was going. It's the leaping into the deep, dark abyss where I can't see anything and have no idea if something will catch me or if I'll go splat that gets to me. So, I do have some of my original outline left, and expect when I get to the end my muse will give me the rest of the story with a sly, satisfied smile. grumble.

41457 / 80000 words. 52% done!

On a more positive note, this afternoon I'll be drinking coffee and yakking with another aspiring writer, so life won't be all bad. 🙂


Thoughtful today about the perils of promotion

Hi guys, I just had something happen in another part of my life that applies to my writer part. What is that you ask? Well, Hunnybun and I are into music as a hobby. We have a band and everything! Whoo Hoo! Therefore we're very active in a music orientated um, network?, group?, I'm not sure what to call it, but we know lots, and lots of people who perform, some for fun, some semi-professionally, some professionally.

Now, those that know me know what I'm talking about, but I'm being vague on purpose. You see, this saturday hunnybun and I are hosting a bbq for our friends to come and play and socialize and have a good time. Because It was originally announced weeks ago, we've been posting reminders to the bb about this every so often, which is standard procedure in this bb and welcome.

Now, what got me to thinking about the time when I get to promote my book (crossed fingers and hope with all my might), is the last reminder I posted got a response that, I couldn't help it, it annoyed me.

The responder said they wouldn't be able to come because they had to be somewhere else. (no big) Then added a paragraph gushing about their band's upcomming performance at this coffee shop and inviting everybody to come.

I feel like they hijacked our event's announcement, honestly. After I got over it, my brain brought up all those blog posts I've read about how not to promote your book.

My friend broke the rule about not making everyhting "all about them" when they responded to our reminder of our bbq with a paragraph about their upcoming gig.

A lesson I have to keep in mind when I'm promoting my book.

On a more positive note:

34539 / 80000 words. 43% done!

Signal Boost

A fellow writer is selling books, caramels and cookies! to raise money for her house.

If you can, please help by purchasing something. If you're broke like me, would you consider a signal boost like I just did? Both would be fantastic.

Thanks for whatever you can do. 😀

Fingers Fly like the Wind

Another crazy productive day today. It's enough to make me drunk with happinesss. 😀

Life is good when words flow.

June n Peaches now sits at


32113 / 80000 words. 40% done!

Isomnia, are you good for anything?

Had insomnia last night due to stress, and thought I’d put the time to good use and write, since I couldn’t sleep. Except, it doesn’t work that way for me. See, I can’t sleep but I still get tired and groggy. o.O

Still made great progress yesterday, which makes me happy.

28667 / 80000 words. 36% done!

Excerpt Standard disclaimers apply*

The sky through her windows lightened; it was dawn. Giving up, she drug herself out of bed and stumbled
exhausted to the kitchen to make coffee. Cats slept on every soft spot or perch. She moved a Main Coon sideways to make coffee. He grumped at her and left the kitchen to find somewhere else to rest.

Peaches wandered in and jumped on the table, and asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Not so hot,” she replied, leaning forward with blurry eyes to will the coffee maker to brew

“We need to tell Matt what happened.” Peaches sat on the table.

June ignored him, until she felt his stern gaze bore into her bathrobe covered back. She slumped,
put her face in her hands and rested her elbows on the counter. “Do we have to?” she whined.

“Yes, he is Mark’s contact in the resistance,” Peaches said firmly.

June sighed. “Can I at least have coffee first?” she asked, still whining like an eight-year-old.

“Of course,” he answered, “Have breakfast even. You need to feed us as well.”

A bolt of shock made June stand straight up and she blurted, “Oh God! Cat food!  It was in the barn! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” She punctuated each it with her fist striking the granite counter.

“Careful or you will crack the stone,” Peaches said.

June stopped and took a deep breath before turning around. “I don’t think any cat food survived.
I don’t know what I can feed any of you,” she told him, afraid of his reaction. She felt like crying.

“Are there eggs in the refrigerator?” he asked with calm demeanor.

June stood there and looked at him, confused.

“Is there cheese?” he continued, “Is there milk? While we should not live off of these, Dr. Susan would have words with you if you tried, we can fill our stomachs today until you can obtain proper cat food.” He began grooming his tail, and added, almost as an afterthought, “I, myself, would be happy with bacon, for example.”

June grinned at him. Of course he would be happy with bacon, since she knew very well how much he liked it. The coffee pot beeped behind her, which meant she could finally have that much needed cup of coffee.

*No editing has been done. Your understanding with my errors is appreciated. 🙂

Hi guys! Just thought I’d share this funny with my update.

I have put away my turtle writing badge, and hope to never get it out again. The scenes are just coalescing easily in this one. It's almost like it wants to be born already dammit. lol

The cats are snarky, the protag is impulsive, naive and oh-so-ADD. She's fun to write, and maybe that's why it's flowing so well. Anyway I now sit at *drumroll*

25014 / 80000 words. 31% done!

And now as promised, the funny writing cartoon I found.

Words flow like water onto the page

Writing this story is the easiest writing I’ve ever done. I’m amazed at how well my brain is cooperating.



22088 / 80000 words. 28% done!

And to do more than just brag about my word count, here is a snippit for you. 🙂

Standard disclaimers apply*






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The trip home was even more frustrating then the trip to Portland. Police stopped them at every few miles, and cop cars would constantly pace the RV, just waiting for June to go one mile over the speed limit. June pasted a fake smile each time she got stopped and was extra polite to the officers, but the stress compounded until her nerves got so bad, she had to pull off into a rest area, get out and shake in the bathroom stall for a few minutes. Peaches kindly did not say I told you so, but June heard it anyway. His words kept running through her head, she had to think, not just act. Think not act.

When she turned off the interstate onto the state highways, the police presence lessened, and she gave a sigh of relief when the cop car that had been following her continued past the off ramp. She crossed her fingers that she’d be able to drive the rest of the way without being pulled over.

Almost home, June relaxed. Peaches did not. He got restless and started jumping on the dash and telling her to drive faster, then dropping to the floor to pace.

“What is wrong with you?” June demanded, “You know I can’t go any faster. I’ll get pulled over.”

“Attack! Fight!” he growled.

“What in the hell is wrong with you?” She demanded.

“Home!” he wailed, “Under attack! Run! Run!”

To hell with the cops, June thought, and stomped the accelerator to the floor.

*These are raw words. No editing has been done. Your patience with my errors in grammar is appreciated. 🙂