Read this from the Editor of Cracked, seriously, read it.

David Wong has a book published called "John Dies at the End"

The Editor over at talks about how he believes media has skewed our perceptions about how much hard work is required to get good at something.

QUOTE: "…the main character is very bad at something, then there is a sequence in the middle of the film set to upbeat music that shows him practicing. When it’s done, he’s an expert."

He mentions the Karate Kid movies, but there are many, many others. Except, this article explains that it takes 10,000 hours to get there. Wow. That's a lot of F-ing work, y'know? That's like YEARS, OMG!

And why I had to work three whole years on my writing before any professional thinks it is worth their time, not ready to publish mind you, just might be worth their time fixing. 🙂

So once again, I bow at those of you who read slush, because you deal constantly with those who think a few hours at a keyboard means they have a best-selling book. They have no idea that you actually have to work at anything for 10,000 hours to get good at it, or in the writing world, write your gawd-damn 1,000,000 awful words then we'll talk.

Because it does take that much work, damn it.


OMG! The Math Just Caught Up To Me!

The June n Peaches story is now with my alpha reader, who is taking his sweet reading it (poke, poke), and after he gives me corrections, I'm gonna send it out to a couple or three people to read. So that's where I sit at the moment, waiting, and my mind, not in possession of something to occupy it, got to thinking…

I started this story the day after I got back from the Cascade Writers Retreat, let's say Monday, July 25th. I had approx 3,500 words at the time that I workshopped. Now, my story is complete at 60,142 and I typed the end on Friday, September 16th. My calculator says that I added 56,500 words. Counting calendar days, I did that in (6 days in July, 31 in August plus 16 days in September) 53 days, for an average of 1066 words per day.

I'm proud of myself. This is the fastest I've ever finished a book. The first took a year, the second took about ten months, the third, about eight, so now to do it in less than three months, is just, wow. I might have finally got this word out-put thing down.

So, if there are any of you who like the Stephanie Plum novels or the Sookie Stackhouse novels (not just the tv show-that's a different animal) and want to tell me how close I came to the insane fun of those books, please let me know. Not editing. Just read it for fun and say yay! or nope, sorry.  I could use some more reader reactions. Thanks.

I Got to The End!

Yippie!  Last night I got to th ened of my story. I now have one, yes 1!, completed draft of June n Peaches! Now, it is short, I did not get to my 70,000 word goal, however, in editing my writing expands, so I kinda need the room to do edits. Which I will start most likely Monday.
I feel so good. This is the fourth complete story I've finished each more than 60,000 when I got to the end. I feel great about this one, and will be sending it off after a few rounds of edits.

Gawd, I’ve Been Bad

No, I haven't dropped off the ends of the earth, just gotten so deeply into my story that I forget almost everything else. My kid-let and Hunnybun make up all of that almost, so the blogging is left in the forgotten pile.

Sorry guys. 😦

But wait! I have good news. My story has grown to quite satisfying length, if I do say so myself. I added on to the end some, and hope to actually get to my target length of 70,000 words before October.

56807 / 70000


To make it up to you for the not posting thing, want to read some of what I've written while I was away? Cool, here it is. As usual, standard disclaimers* apply.

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My Generation Grew up Paranoid

For those of you who don’t know, I was a teenager before the berlin wall fell (yes, I am THAT OLD). Before the fall, when the USSR was a world power, we lived with the certainty that at any time, any moment, major cities in the USA would explode into nuclear nothingness. Hell, we had movies about it, Hollywood and made-for-tv. We had TV shows about the end of the world. Many of my friends claimed they’d rather run toward the bombs to read the serial numbers than die in the nuclear winter that would follow.  Listen to this song from that time if you want to get a idea of our attitudes. We lived, danced, and loved, under the bomb.

While setting the premise of my WIP, where the government went facist/paranoid about wizards, I got to thinking about growing up under ever-present threat of it all going to hell. A whole generation grew up paranoid, that someone/something was out to get them. That governments would at any moment blow the world all to hell.

Now, I know some history and I understand some cause and effect connections. Those that don’t have that knowledge, that don’t remember history, well…
Kind of explains where we are politically doesn’t it?

When will I ever get June n Peaches done?

I know, two posts in one day. The world really is going to end soon. 😀

Anyway, you can follow me on twitter, which is where I do most of my brain breaks in-between my writing jags. I happen to be @slweippert there too. See, it's easy to find me. 🙂

I wrote this morning until the kids got home from school. This year, in their twisted wisdom, the school district decided that Wednesdays are half-days so both kids were home by one.  😦 As they are very good distractions, especially the ADHD 16-yr-old ugh, I missed my goal of 46,000 new words. But Wait! I do have a chance to add more after they go to bed tonight, so cross your fingers for me. lol

June n Peaches in Familiar Trouble now stands at

45893 / 80000

A Writing Career

Jim Hines has a good post that you should read first.

If I think about what I have to look forward to as a sucessful woman writer, I'll quit. So, I can't think about it, because I have stories to tell and people who want to read them. 🙂

Pray for me, and all women writers. We need your support.             Thank you.