RAGE (rated PG13)

Someone I respect and admire, Seanan McGuire, has made a post that she had threats from a worthless scum to kill her cats. That is unacceptable. She does not deserve this.

Scalzi’s blog also posted about how he knows about death threats but never has to deal with it because he’s a man.

We need to stop the trolls. If in real life, you know someone who posts death threats on the internet because “It’s fun.” “I can get away with it.” or “They deserve it.” For the love of all that is important to you, CALL THEM ON IT. In no way is it ‘harmless fun’. I’m serious. These fucking assholes live in the same world we do and odds are good you know one or more. You may not even know that they post this shit on the internet until you say something first. Hurting people they never see to make themselves feel powerful. They get encouragement or they wouldn’t do it. Guys that laugh with each other “You got that bitch good!” Men I am TALKING TO YOU, don’t nod and smile when another man brags about being an asshole, tell him he’s an asshole.

We need to bring the trolls into the light. This is our internet. Us decent people need to rip it out of their slimy hands. I would do the halleluiah breakdown if the rest of the bloggers had the guts to post something like Scalzi. A post that says THIS IS NOT COOL AND YOU ARE NOT HOT SHIT WHEN YOU DO IT. If in real life we bitched and complained and pretty much made the name troll the social equivalent of finding wormy dog poo on your carpet, fewer of them would do it. If a trolls pops up, we in mass let him (and it will be a him, that’s why women get targeted)know he will be tracked down and dealt with. Then we track them down with extreme prejudice.

Enough already. We are powerful enough. We can stop these people.


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