When will I ever get June n Peaches done?

I know, two posts in one day. The world really is going to end soon. 😀

Anyway, you can follow me on twitter, which is where I do most of my brain breaks in-between my writing jags. I happen to be @slweippert there too. See, it's easy to find me. 🙂

I wrote this morning until the kids got home from school. This year, in their twisted wisdom, the school district decided that Wednesdays are half-days so both kids were home by one.  😦 As they are very good distractions, especially the ADHD 16-yr-old ugh, I missed my goal of 46,000 new words. But Wait! I do have a chance to add more after they go to bed tonight, so cross your fingers for me. lol

June n Peaches in Familiar Trouble now stands at

45893 / 80000

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