My Generation Grew up Paranoid

For those of you who don’t know, I was a teenager before the berlin wall fell (yes, I am THAT OLD). Before the fall, when the USSR was a world power, we lived with the certainty that at any time, any moment, major cities in the USA would explode into nuclear nothingness. Hell, we had movies about it, Hollywood and made-for-tv. We had TV shows about the end of the world. Many of my friends claimed they’d rather run toward the bombs to read the serial numbers than die in the nuclear winter that would follow.  Listen to this song from that time if you want to get a idea of our attitudes. We lived, danced, and loved, under the bomb.

While setting the premise of my WIP, where the government went facist/paranoid about wizards, I got to thinking about growing up under ever-present threat of it all going to hell. A whole generation grew up paranoid, that someone/something was out to get them. That governments would at any moment blow the world all to hell.

Now, I know some history and I understand some cause and effect connections. Those that don’t have that knowledge, that don’t remember history, well…
Kind of explains where we are politically doesn’t it?


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