Gawd, I’ve Been Bad

No, I haven't dropped off the ends of the earth, just gotten so deeply into my story that I forget almost everything else. My kid-let and Hunnybun make up all of that almost, so the blogging is left in the forgotten pile.

Sorry guys. 😦

But wait! I have good news. My story has grown to quite satisfying length, if I do say so myself. I added on to the end some, and hope to actually get to my target length of 70,000 words before October.

56807 / 70000


To make it up to you for the not posting thing, want to read some of what I've written while I was away? Cool, here it is. As usual, standard disclaimers* apply.

  After a quiet breakfast with enough coffee to wake  up, June was out in the cattery barn doing the chores Mark assigned her. The dry food bins topped off, she got out the garbage sacks to start cat box duty.
  She hated this chore. She’d hated it growing up too. While it was nice to run barefoot in the back yard and not worry about stepping in ick, litter box maintenance stunk, literally.
  Two of the boxes got dumped into the large plastic sacks and the others needed to be scooped. That part made June want to gag, every time. It wasn’t just the smell, the sight of those little oblong black pellets just made her want to hurl. She wished there was a way to scoop without kneeling right next to the box.
  Then she remembered. She’s a wizard. Mark just taught her last night to move objects with magic. That sounded like such a good idea, her face lit up. She walked over and took the lids off the litter boxes that needed to be scooped and stood in front of them holding an empty garbage sack.
  A deep breath, and June focused her magic. Her note rung clear, and heads with pointed ears turned her way. The first stinky oblong glided gracefully up out of the litter box and she caught in the bag without trouble. A happy smile on her face, she willed more than one to come towards her, and caught them too. With each success, she had more glide from the litter boxes into her bag. Eventually, a line of the icky oblongs now led from the boxes to her bag, and June felt mighty proud of herself.
  A sharp bang of some yard tools falling to the concrete floor made her turn her head. She got a glimpse of kittens running like mad from the shovel and rake on the floor. She turned back to her job and saw a mass flying towards her.
  She had just enough time to realize she hadn’t cut off the magic when the kittens distracted her, and the magic had spiked. The total contents of the litter box she had been empting now flew to her and she had only enough time to realize her mistake before it hit.
  June cut off her note, but it was too late. While the plastic bag protected her face, thank God, but she now had dirty cat litter in her hair, and all down her front.
  “Shit!” she exclaimed, and pulled granules out of her hair.
  Seal point Siamese ears poked in through the cat door, followed by Cleo in all her majesty. “Well,” Cleo said as she surveyed the cat litter scattered over the floor, “I see you have found an unique method for maintaining our litter boxes.”
  “No!” June exclaimed, and wanted to cry.
  Cleo turned her blue eyes to June, and said, “Though I would suggest some other method, as you are covered in it as well. Unless that was your intent?”
  “Go away, Cleo,” June spat as she got the broom off the wall.
  “How rude,” Cleo sniffed, and said, “I came in here to check on you, since I detected the use of magic. Now, you act like you think you have everything under control; Does that mean you intended to do this?”
  June mumbled something anatomically impossible for Cleo to do, then ignored the cat and got to work sweeping up her mess. Good thing there was plenty of cat litter to fill the now empty litter box. The cats should be pleased, June thought, they got three fresh litter boxes today.  
  “Honestly June,” Cleo said.
  June glanced over and saw the arrogant Siamese familiar sitting next to the cat door in the classical Egyptian pose, her tail tucked around her paws.
  “What now?” June demanded, “Thought of another insult already?” Her eyes filled with humiliated tears, but her hands were so dirty she couldn’t risk wiping them away.
  “Not an insult, dear human, but an observation,” the familiar replied.
  June heard the kinder tone, so stopped sweeping and looked at the cat. “Well?” she said.
  “You are blessed with a powerful talent, June,” Cleo said, “but you need the mental control to manage it or you, and everyone around you, are not safe from it. Learn to cut off your will if you get distracted, if you can not correct how easily you are distracted. Until then, you are a menace as today shows. Understand?” The familiar didn’t wait for an answer before she turned and left, her tail high.

* These are raw words, no editing has been done. Your patience with errors is appreciated.


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