OMG! The Math Just Caught Up To Me!

The June n Peaches story is now with my alpha reader, who is taking his sweet reading it (poke, poke), and after he gives me corrections, I'm gonna send it out to a couple or three people to read. So that's where I sit at the moment, waiting, and my mind, not in possession of something to occupy it, got to thinking…

I started this story the day after I got back from the Cascade Writers Retreat, let's say Monday, July 25th. I had approx 3,500 words at the time that I workshopped. Now, my story is complete at 60,142 and I typed the end on Friday, September 16th. My calculator says that I added 56,500 words. Counting calendar days, I did that in (6 days in July, 31 in August plus 16 days in September) 53 days, for an average of 1066 words per day.

I'm proud of myself. This is the fastest I've ever finished a book. The first took a year, the second took about ten months, the third, about eight, so now to do it in less than three months, is just, wow. I might have finally got this word out-put thing down.

So, if there are any of you who like the Stephanie Plum novels or the Sookie Stackhouse novels (not just the tv show-that's a different animal) and want to tell me how close I came to the insane fun of those books, please let me know. Not editing. Just read it for fun and say yay! or nope, sorry.  I could use some more reader reactions. Thanks.


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