Current writer mood cycle: I suck!

Haven't posted for a few days about my writing for the simple reason I am in the midst of the writer's mood cycle called I SUCK. Yes, there are people who like my prose, they tell me often enough I believe them, so my "I SUCK" feelings have focused on my story.

Do I have a big climax at the end? Is my protag believable? Is the plot too busy? too boring? Can I even string scenes together to make sense? Ack, I don't have a climax at the end! Any editor I send this to is going  to hate it and tell me I've got to be kidding. *facepalm*

The feedback I've gotten led me to add two scenes. I have one complete and woven in, the other one is longer, and I'm not sure where it should go. Of course, the self-doubt doesn't help at all in that decision. So, not much word count progress since last report (64,831), because I'm so close to things I can't see the sentences for the words. The best thing to do is to step away from the story and let my writer brain figure it out.

But never fear, I'm still



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