State of Anxiety

Well, not really, actually I still feel pretty good about my story being close enough to great to be worth the time making great. I do have a tiny concern that it is too short at 68,851, but those who read it like it and don't complain about the length. Maybe enough happens that it feels like more, or something. *fingers crossed*

What I'm still struggling with is the damn synopsis. Can you tell I haven't done one before? I can. My first draft left out all the funny parts, so I'm adding them in. Except, now I'm worried that it'll get too long. Right now it sits at 2,869 and I got more stuff to add. I've been told that it's used to "sell" the story to people in house. Since I am pretty sure those people are busy, I want it short and to the point, and awesome, I am shooting for awesome. Is 3,000 too long? I wish I knew. *bites fingernails*

Do any of you know just how long is a synopsis supposed to be?


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