A Christmas tree Powered by Christmas messages!

A Christmas tree Powered by Christmas messages!


Happy Solstice to Those Who Celebrate!

May your fires be warm and bright tonight.

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A Most Joyful Chanuka to those who celebrate it

Ah, I just love this time of year. Lots of people are happy because they celebrate a holiday in December.

And Now for Something Completely Different

To take my mind off the June n Peaches story in the hands of others, because obsessing is rarely a good thing, I started a fun little project that is completely different. No wizards, no cats, no bad government agency, none at all. This is in a different world, where a crazy physics Professor invents a weather machine and proceeds to get his revenge on the small town that treated him so badly for the last twenty years.

I have no idea if it's marketable, all the 1950s adventure stories may show up one night to get their revenge, and the James Bond books have all been done, but gawd if writing this isn't fun. My protag is an arrogant young pup newbie reporter at a small town newspaper who thinks he's too big for this two-bit town. Here, see for yourself,

The young man ran down the sidewalk.

Steampunk is much more than gears and brass spraypaint

One of the reason I haven’t joined the Steampunk bandwagon is I don’t want to do it wrong. Like the people described in this musical rant. Enjoy…

So the lesson to learn here is take a little thought in the worldbuilding, just because there’s a road to follow doesn’t mean you can be lazy.

Hey, look what I just found out about!

From the best writer's on twitter, @Julie_Butcher, I learned that

Big Christmas party with FREEBIES!
WHAT: Holiday Chat with Cecil, Marley, The Knight Agency and YOU!
WHEN: Thursday, December 15th at 9pm ET
WHERE: Chat Room–http://client1.sigmachat.com/sc.php?id=115545
HOW TO CHAT: Enter any combination of username and password. Your computer must be Java enabled to chat.

I hope to make it, and you should too!

Insominia Internet Wandering: My kind of Christmas tree

My kind of Christmas tree – Imgur