Feedback on my short story

I got back from the writers coffee this evening, and the feedback was good on my son's story "The Tower of Yule." I had concerns that it was way too cheesy, but they liked it. Sort of the story embraced  the cheese and made it work thing. lol  I did have a continuity error with a character's name that was embarrassing, but fixable.

One person, who has sold short stories-unlike me, told me that I should send it out next year for some Christmas anthologies. I thanked her, but I have no clue where to find the submission instructions for anthologies like that. While I might have had lightning strike on my book length story, I don't have much luck finding places to send my short stories. I have played around with the idea of putting them together one day and publishing them myself. Maybe called them "My son's Christmas Stories" or something. 🙂


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