Steampunk is much more than gears and brass spraypaint

One of the reason I haven’t joined the Steampunk bandwagon is I don’t want to do it wrong. Like the people described in this musical rant. Enjoy…

So the lesson to learn here is take a little thought in the worldbuilding, just because there’s a road to follow doesn’t mean you can be lazy.


Insominia Internet Wandering: My kind of Christmas tree

My kind of Christmas tree – Imgur

Raise your Glass

For all the Nerds, Freaks, G33Ks*, and anyone else who is just a little bit odd. Remember, there are many people who are just like you, believe it or not.

This was filmed at London Comicon July 2011.

*Like Me! I am so G33K I can discuss quantum physics, Shakespeare, psionics and magic at the same time. Just ask!**

**ask at your own risk, management is not responsible for any minds that get blown, turned to mush, etc. 😉

Hi guys! Just thought I’d share this funny with my update.

I have put away my turtle writing badge, and hope to never get it out again. The scenes are just coalescing easily in this one. It's almost like it wants to be born already dammit. lol

The cats are snarky, the protag is impulsive, naive and oh-so-ADD. She's fun to write, and maybe that's why it's flowing so well. Anyway I now sit at *drumroll*

25014 / 80000 words. 31% done!

And now as promised, the funny writing cartoon I found.

Yes, there is a proper use of slash fan fic

Another post from me already? Doesn’t that make three this week? No the world isn’t ending, I just found something…

I just knew all of you were curious, so yes there is a correct usage for Strunk and White fan fic.

P.S. Precious few words added since last report. I’m at 1,140 words.

since sad writer is sad, have a funny

A Publishing Industry Glossary

My favorite?

Typewriter–the best writing device ever to use as a murder weapon.

Thanks to  aka Kat Richardson for sharing. BTW, have you read her Greywalker novels yet?


Still working on the story line. I watched videos about spies during the cold war last night. It gave me ideas. 😀

For now, have another funny. Or maybe not so funny, since I have had to bribe my cat-muse with tuna to get my daily words on occasion.

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