And Now for Something Completely Different

To take my mind off the June n Peaches story in the hands of others, because obsessing is rarely a good thing, I started a fun little project that is completely different. No wizards, no cats, no bad government agency, none at all. This is in a different world, where a crazy physics Professor invents a weather machine and proceeds to get his revenge on the small town that treated him so badly for the last twenty years.

I have no idea if it's marketable, all the 1950s adventure stories may show up one night to get their revenge, and the James Bond books have all been done, but gawd if writing this isn't fun. My protag is an arrogant young pup newbie reporter at a small town newspaper who thinks he's too big for this two-bit town. Here, see for yourself,

The young man ran down the sidewalk.


State of Anxiety

Well, not really, actually I still feel pretty good about my story being close enough to great to be worth the time making great. I do have a tiny concern that it is too short at 68,851, but those who read it like it and don't complain about the length. Maybe enough happens that it feels like more, or something. *fingers crossed*

What I'm still struggling with is the damn synopsis. Can you tell I haven't done one before? I can. My first draft left out all the funny parts, so I'm adding them in. Except, now I'm worried that it'll get too long. Right now it sits at 2,869 and I got more stuff to add. I've been told that it's used to "sell" the story to people in house. Since I am pretty sure those people are busy, I want it short and to the point, and awesome, I am shooting for awesome. Is 3,000 too long? I wish I knew. *bites fingernails*

Do any of you know just how long is a synopsis supposed to be?

Story is polished up, but…

Yes, today I feel good about my story and feel it's polished enough to be worth a professional's time to fix. *happy dance*
Sadly, my synopsis isn't to that point. The last feedback I got on it was the adventure part matched my full tale, but I'd left out all the fun stuff that's in my story. Sigh, just when you think you've done it all right- edits ahoy.

I went through this with my story, and I grumbled then too, but I'm pleased with the results. So, I'll dive into edits on the synopsis, just ignore my grumbling, okay?

Guess what Happened to Me Today?

My muse came up and bopped me upside my head with the climax from the next June n Peaches book, then ordered me to write it OR ELSE!  Having worked with the little feline tyrant before, I knew I didn't want the ELSE. Ruining this project by taking away the storyline is not what I want to do.

So I told Hunnybun the muse smacked me a good one (that's a quote by the way), and he nodded, smiled and said he'd leave me alone. He's such a good Hunnybun, I don't think I can ever deserve him, no matter what I do.

So I wrote, about 1,400 words. The second June n Peaches story, working title June n Peaches and Martha Too! (don't judge), has now begun. Shall I tease you with some of what I wrote today? I think I shall. *grin*

As usual, normal disclaimers apply*. Enjoy!

June woke with a headache.

I am now out of Editing mode, thank you God Allmighty.

I just finished this round of edits and my story has now grown to 63,134, which is 3,134 more words than when I finished the tale. The next step is to send it off to the betas who will read it cold and give me feedback. I expect that the story will grow more then too.

Wheee, editing is fun when you're a "put-er-in" instead of "take-er-out" because there isn't much editing advice for people who work this way. At least I haven't found much. The remove 10% editing style must be lots more common  than add 10% editing style.

Ah well, if it was easy, anybody would do it.

What in tarnation is taking so long?

I am still in editing hell purgatory. While approx 180 pages are done, I still have approx 35 to go.

My first and second book, the writing went as slow as a turtle in winter, and the editing was quick and easy. This one, the story was fun and easy to write, and the editing is taking forever.

Murphy's Law loves me way too much. I'm knocking off for the night, em, morning and will tackle it tomorrow. My goal is to have to done by Sunday. Wish me luck. 🙂

Gawd, I’ve Been Bad

No, I haven't dropped off the ends of the earth, just gotten so deeply into my story that I forget almost everything else. My kid-let and Hunnybun make up all of that almost, so the blogging is left in the forgotten pile.

Sorry guys. 😦

But wait! I have good news. My story has grown to quite satisfying length, if I do say so myself. I added on to the end some, and hope to actually get to my target length of 70,000 words before October.

56807 / 70000


To make it up to you for the not posting thing, want to read some of what I've written while I was away? Cool, here it is. As usual, standard disclaimers* apply.

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