It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Since signs of that time of year are showing up, I have my Swiss Colony catalogs and right next to the Halloween candy are bright red stockings, I began to ponder what kind of seasonal short story to write this year. My son is 11, and really too old for the kid type stories. Right now he's enjoying "Death Worlds" by Harry Harrison so I can safely say he's beyond the cute Santa's Reindeer.

Since these are pretty much for me and my kid-let, I get to experiment. I haven't written any steampunk, and since I enjoy Girl Genius comics. and liked Cherie Priest's "Clementine," which I do recommend, here's the kindle link, I decided I'll try it.

To those who do write steampunk and do it very well, this is me stretching my writing muscles with something new, in no way do I think it's easy as pie to write steampunk. It may be a very good thing no one but me and my kid will ever see this. 🙂

So the premise I have is a woman is traveling back home from the Woman College where she's training to be an lady's personal secretary, to be with her family for Christmas. The dirigible she's on got delayed by a nasty blizzard and had to land in a town part way home. The storm finally clears on Christmas Eve and my miss is distraught that she's missing all the family. The captain tries to comfort her as they fly through the cloudy winter's sky. The end will be her sighting Old Saint Nick in his sleigh flying past them in the distance.

A bit of research on Victorian Christmas rituals first, then I'll get started.

Wish me luck!


Why I Write

All over twitter today, because it's writer's day or writing day, or something like that, is the tag #whyIwrite. And I paused to ask myself that.

Why Do I write anyway?

I write because I like stories. I like worldbuilding. I like the what if? I enjoy filling in the picture, painting with words a complete 3D scene of what reality is like if you changed just this one thing. I like exploring the domino effect of that one change on society and technology. Deciding that if both sides of WWII had the same benefit from your reality change, it would have worked out pretty much the same way.

While all that pondering, making the wheels in my brain turn, is enjoyable, I also like creating something that will make someone else feel better. I want my reader to 'dive in' to my story and forget their own problems as they navigate the hell I put my protag through. 😀  I want to give my readers a well-deserved vacation from reality, that's my main goal. When they hit the last page, I want them to feel less stressed.

So, I write because creating worlds is fun for me, and stories are a vacation for my reader. All that for the price of a paperback. Not bad.

Words flow like water onto the page

Writing this story is the easiest writing I’ve ever done. I’m amazed at how well my brain is cooperating.



22088 / 80000 words. 28% done!

And to do more than just brag about my word count, here is a snippit for you. 🙂

Standard disclaimers apply*






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The trip home was even more frustrating then the trip to Portland. Police stopped them at every few miles, and cop cars would constantly pace the RV, just waiting for June to go one mile over the speed limit. June pasted a fake smile each time she got stopped and was extra polite to the officers, but the stress compounded until her nerves got so bad, she had to pull off into a rest area, get out and shake in the bathroom stall for a few minutes. Peaches kindly did not say I told you so, but June heard it anyway. His words kept running through her head, she had to think, not just act. Think not act.

When she turned off the interstate onto the state highways, the police presence lessened, and she gave a sigh of relief when the cop car that had been following her continued past the off ramp. She crossed her fingers that she’d be able to drive the rest of the way without being pulled over.

Almost home, June relaxed. Peaches did not. He got restless and started jumping on the dash and telling her to drive faster, then dropping to the floor to pace.

“What is wrong with you?” June demanded, “You know I can’t go any faster. I’ll get pulled over.”

“Attack! Fight!” he growled.

“What in the hell is wrong with you?” She demanded.

“Home!” he wailed, “Under attack! Run! Run!”

To hell with the cops, June thought, and stomped the accelerator to the floor.

*These are raw words. No editing has been done. Your patience with my errors in grammar is appreciated. 🙂

Whew, that was hard on the emotions

Wrote my big climax that finishes off my protag’s time in Seattle.

Whew! I feel like it was Me who has been through the wringer. I think I need a break to calm down. Time for lunch.


54283 / 60000 words. 90% done!

Sorry, there’s no excerpt today. I have to save the best parts for the book or nobody will buy it. Only myself and my betas until I get an agent for this puppy. 🙂

I’d happy dance, but my knee still hurts.

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When writing gets over the crest and quits pushing up hill, it can move at amazing speed. At least to me anyway.


48441 / 60000 words. 81% done!

Raw wordage. Standard disclaimers apply.*

Mark's parents, Tom and Maria, have just found out that their son is a wizard. They are very upset and got into a screaming argument with his Grandma, Tom's mother. Mark wanted to run away from the screaming and teleported Jade, his familiar, and himself away. He hasn't been taught how to do this. Grandma and his parents had to search and have just found him safe in the library.

Whoo Hoo! Made quota today

Non Sequitur
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Made my butt sit in my chair until I got over 300 words today. Dammit, I haven’t written much for the last week and I was so close to the half way mark that I just wanted to get to 50%. FINALLY I got there. Being a turtle writer sucks sometimes. Kids don’t do it this way, it’s too hard.


30178 / 60000 words. 50% done!

Worth reading

Thank you to  for including this article in his Friday link post.

Leveling up your writing

"Have you ever played those old FRPGs (fantasy role playing games) like the Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy, or the newer versions in the MMORPGs (massively multi-player online role playing games), WOW or Everquest?

Remember all the time that would be spent leveling up so that your avatar would be stronger, healthier, and get the most powerful gear?

Leveling up in writing requires much the same persistence, dedication, and effort. Here are some of the ways you can power boost your writing to the next level"

Now click the link and read it. It’s very good.